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Fusing photography, body movement, performance, video, and sculpture, Yolanda's installations delve into the hidden layers of emotion embedded within aspects of the optical experience. She seeks to offer poetic presentations that invite the viewer to experience space as it exists beyond its surface appearance and to suggest the total rupture of boundaries imposed between inside and outside, space and time. Through subtle adjustments and slight re-orientations of objects, Yolanda's installations challenge conventional notions of "meaning" while advocating for the power, resilience, and possibility inherent within fugitivity and delicacy. Her work invites viewers to explore the intimate immensity of these concepts while engaging with the politics of space and body, prompting reflections on these themes' societal and personal implications.

In her public art work, Yolanda seeks to engage communities through civic projects. By responding to site conditions and the realities of our contemporary world, she creates urban artwork installations that explore concepts of beauty, equity, and communication. Her practice aims to nurture sensibilities of feelings, awakening people's awareness of interconnectedness. Examples of her recent public artwork include Winter Optics - Sculptures with Lights at The Rose Kennedy Greenway recommended by Boston Globe Tickets, Blank Paper - Public Art Demonstration in Responding to Censorship in China covered by WBUR and The Harvard Crimson, and Napalm Test #1, which was featured on The Harvard Crimson.


Yolanda is also the initiator and caretaker of "Behind VA Shadows" - a community-based project that highlights working artists in art museums. Through her multifaceted practice, Yolanda continues to push boundaries and explore new ways of engaging with art and the world around us.

Yolanda He Yang is a Boston-based artist whose practice encompasses both personal studio work and public art. Born in a Catholic family in North China, Yolanda relocated to various places that she remembered as homes, schools, and playgrounds when she was a child.


ig: yolandayanghe_arts

CV     (with the embedded link of the press)




2023  “from here and now to Napalm Test #1”, Brookline Arts Center, 2023 Public Artist

          25/8 artspace at Harvard Square, Founding Curator

2022  Blank Paper Public Art Demo, Lead Artist

          Winter Optics, The Greenway, Lead Artist

          Spotlight, Mirror, and Book, Lead Artist

          Napalm, from Harvard to Vietnam, Lead Artist

          Behind VA Shadows, Director, Founder (ongoing)

          Ukraine Echo, Lead Artist

2021  Ujala: Public Art in India, Lead Artist

          33 years, Researcher 

          “Blossom”, Permanent Outdoor Sculpture in Collins Park, Allston, MA

          VIDEOCOMMUNE, Now + There Accelerator, Conceptual Collaborator, Set Designer

2020  Collins Park Renovation, Landscape Designer




2024  Boys and Girls Clubs Boston, National Arts Contest, Juror

2023  Art with Amy, Brookline, MA, Art Instructor (ongoing)

2023  Zone 3, Allston, MA, Body Movement Workshop Series, Lead  Artist

2021  Boston University, Public Art in Arts Administration Graduate Program, Lecturer 

2017  Uncle Sam Kindergarten, Qingdao, China, Art Instructor




2024  25/8 artspace, fanfare of clouds opening, Cameron Boyce & Gateway Arts

2023  Raising Voices Festival x Revolutionary Spaces, “Chairs & Cares ” Public Art, Boston, MA

2023  25/8 artspace, Glitch Art, Maria Servellon, Cambridge, MA

2023  25/8 artspace, Bike Moves Us, Nat Reed Solo Exhibit, Cambridge, MA

2023  Leica Gallery, “Lenses” Pop-up Performance Collective, Boston, MA

2023  Laconia Gallery, The Landscape in Our Minds, Boston, MA

2022  Pop-Up Gallery, via, June 1 - June 20, 2022, Downtown Crossing Boston, MA




2024  Mobius Group, “One Minute Movement”, Lily Pad, Cambridge, MA

2023  MG SPACE, “of a woman herself - Hinges (variation)”, Beijing, China

          Boston Art Review, The Station, Closing Reception for “Nervous System”, Boston, MA

          Faro Cafe, “of a woman herself - Hinges”, Cambridge, MA

          Gallery 263, The Sand of Imagination, Cambridge, MA


           SOLO EXHIBIT


2024   through sites and objects, Helena Abdelnasser Studio Residency, Cairo, Egypt

2023   Silent Symphony: A Tribute to Tears, UVA Arthaus Gallery, Boston, MA




2023    Next Pace, MG Space, Beijing, China




2023   The View from Mars, Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA

           Let There Be Light, Newton Open Studio, Galatea Fine Art, Boston, MA

           New Language: Contemporary Abstraction, Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA

           HARMONY, Piano Craft Gallery, Boston, MA

           Emerging Artists 2023, Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA

           Fresh Faces, Abigail Ogilvy Gallery

, Boston, MA

           Bittersweet, Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA

2022   Tradition: Reinvented, Cambridge Association of Art

           pin-up, :iiderr Gallery, New York, New York

           The Cadaver / The Body, Gallery 5, Boston, MA

           Shapeshifting, Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA

           Invisible Disability, Unbound Visual Art, Brighton, MA

           Tips of the Tongue, Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA

2021   Chasing Light, Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA




2024    Dedalus Foundation - MFA Fellowship, Nominee of Boston University

2019    Honored Graduated Student, Class of 2019, Nankai University




2024 Helena Abdelnasser Studio Residency, Cairo, Egypt

2023 Old Ferry Residency, Deer Isle, Maine




2023    Napalm, Birthed in Harvard’s Basement _ Magazine _ The Harvard Crimson

2023    Local artist stages demonstration inspired by protesters in China _ WBUR News

2023    Demonstrators Hold ‘Blank Paper’ Art Performance in Harvard Square in Solidarity with       Chinese Protesters _ News _ The Harvard Crimson

2023    Community Highlight Yolanda He Yang — Brookline Arts Center

2023    25/8 artspace, carved from the side of a bank, offers a window into emerging creators work_Cambridge Day

2023    MG SPACE, Beijing, Solo Performance by Yolanda He Yang | 即将展出 _ 下一个步伐

2023    MG SPACE _ About herself-_hinge

2022   Behind VA Shadows_An Alternative Form of Support for Museum. Frontline Staff

 Boston Art Review Paper Magazine Issue 9_Burn Out_

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