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from here and now to Napalm Test #1|Press

Brookline Arts Center 2023 Public Art Artist Feature 

Currently on view in Monmouth Park

December, 2023 - Present

Behind VA (Visitor Assistant) Shadows|Press

Founding Director & Commissioned Curator 

2 Linden st, Cambridge, 02138

December, 2021 - Present

Winter Optic | Press

Lead Artist, Co-Director

The Greenway, Boston

November, 24, 2022 - Feburary 28, 2023

Ukraine Echo - Public Art Demostration in Harvard Sq.JPG

Ukraine Echo | Press
Lead Artist

Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

March 20 - March 30, 2022

Spotlight, Mirror, and Book | Juneteenth, 2022.JPG

Spotlight, Mirror, and Book | Press
Lead Artist

A Fleeting Art Installation

Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

Juneteenth, 2022


Mirror Brooches in Ukraine Echo


With a donation QR code on back as part of the fundraising effort for supporting Ukraine

Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

March 20, 2022


VIDEOCOMMUNE | Accelerator Program NOW + There

Conceptual Collaborator, Set Designer 

Community-based Public Art | Film Production


111 Franklin St, Allston, MA

June  2021 - Sept 2021

IMG_8952 2.jpg

to be here now


Location: Marconi Beach, Wellfleet, MA

Feburary 26th, 2022 

0BF7E4A9-E205-4DC2-AF2B-F5D48ADD74A4 2.JPG
A37F7D0C-E078-414A-A464-5439B0EB4494 2.JPG

Sidewalk Witness

Lead Artist

Image on top: Hand-traced Blood Strains of the Victim in Westview St, Dorchester, MA, Sept 11, 2021

Image on bottom: Stencile of Blood Marks in front of Boston City Hall, MA, Oct 2, 2021

IMG_1207 (1).jpg


Lead Artist

Community-based Public Art 

Kumbharwada, Mumbai, India

February, 2021 - Present

Napalm Test.jpeg

Napalm Test #1

Conceptual Collaborator 

70 years invention of Napalm, anniversary sign

Harvard Bussiness School Soccer Field, Allston, MA

July 4, 2022 - Present

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